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Public Law is a foundation module every law firm employer expects you to get a very good result. However, it is a fairly challenging module as it deals with both practical and theoretical aspects of law, including the rule of law, parliamentary sovereignty, separation of powers, and judicial review. Every year, many students fail to secure a first or high 2.1. Your inability to do well in this module will raise serious concerns about your employability when potential employers read your transcript. As an experienced legal educator, we know exactly where your learning difficulties lie. Our highly acclaimed study notes will guide you through this module and boost your exam performance. See for yourself now.


​1. Introduction
2. Core Institutions
3. Parliamentary Supremacy
4. Rule of Law
5. Separation of Powers
6. Ministerial Accountability
7. Prerogative Powers
8. Primary Legislation
9. Secondary Legislation
10. EU Legal System
11. Brexit and EU Law
12. Devolution
13. Judicial Independence
14. Judicial Review
15. Human Rights

This edition has recently been updated for the 2023-24 academic year.

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