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All notes you purchase directly on our website are genuine UOLLB First Class Law Notes authenticated by UOLLB, a global leader in legal education. You will also automatically become a member of the UOLLB Community, an international support group for law students.

If you obtain our notes from sources other than our website, such as from a friend, another seller, or an online platform, those notes are fake notes which will do serious harm to your legal education due to poor quality of the fake notes and inaccuracy of information.

Anyone selling our notes are fraudsters because we do not authorise anyone to sell our notes. Very often, these fraudsters are also scammers who ask you to send them money and then disappear. Sometimes, they might simply attach our logo to any notes they can find online and sell them as UOLLB notes. All law notes bearing our logo you obtained from any other sources are fake notes. Be a smart student, say no to scammers!

UOLLB First Class Law Notes are exclusively available on We revamp our notes every year to keep them up-to-date. As a valuable member of our exclusive UOLLB Community, you can download the latest version of our notes for free using the download link we send you when you make the purchase.

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