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Despite Brexit, it is still one of the foundation modules for your LLB to become a qualifying law degree because many aspects of EU law are still applicable in the UK. In fact, ignoring this module will do more harm than good to your overall understanding of UK law. If you have studied Public Law, you should know that EU law is so intertwined with UK law that a complete disconnection is impossible after Brexit. Ironically, this important module is one of the most poorly taught modules in most UK law schools. As an experienced legal educator, we know exactly how to teach this module successfully. Our highly acclaimed study notes will prepare you well for all the challenges and boost your exam performance.

1. Introduction
2. EU Treaties
3. EU Institutions
4. Brexit
5. EU Legal System
6. Sources of EU Law
7. EU Law Making
9. Primacy of EU Law
10. State Liability
8. Trade Harmonisation
11. Free Movement of Goods
12. Freedom of Services and Establishment
13. Free Movement of Capital
14. Free Movement of Persons
15. Competition Policy
16. EU Human Rights
17. Retained EU Law

This edition has recently been updated for the 2023-24 academic year.

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