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First Year LLB Modules (UOL Graduate Entry Route)

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First Year is the most important year for law students because you will study foundation modules which serve as an indicator of your suitabilty for a legal career. Your failure to do well in these modules will seriously undermine your employability. Unfortunately, many law students fail to secure a first or high 2.1 in their first year because they do not know the right way to study law. As an experienced legal educator, we know exactly what you should do to smash your law exams. 

For UOL students, before you choose to attend lessons at a teaching centre, you are warned that their teaching quality is rather disappointing because their teaching schedules and lectures are poorly organised and may not cover the whole syllabus. We feel that we have a duty to alert you before you commit your precious time and money to them in return for disappointment. Your subject guides and textbooks will not help you much either because they are poorly written and make simple concepts confusing. Reading them will do more harm than good to your legal education. Instead, we advise you to study independently with us to save time and money rather than spend a whopping sum to receive subpar legal education. We know exactly what you should do to achieve first-class results.

Compulsory and Qualifying Modules
1. Contract Law 
2. Criminal Law 
3. Public Law

This edition has recently been updated for the 2023-24 academic year.

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You will also get our Law Exam Guide for free.

It goes without saying that you must master law exam skills before walking into the exam room. However, you will not learn these essential skills in class because they are intentionally kept confidential by your professors so that law exams can efficiently differentiate stronger students from weaker ones. These law skills you are going to learn are crucial to the success of all ambitious law students. We have also prepared a sample case note and frequently tested exam questions with model answers for you to learn how to write first-class essays step by step. If you want to become a high-achiever and stand out from your fellow classmates, you must not miss this Law Exam Guide.

Law Exam Guide

1. Case Law Techniques
2. Case Note Writing
3. Model Case Note
4. IRAC Technique and Application
5. IRAC Model Answers
6. Law Exam Skills
7. Law Exam Model Answers
8. OSCOLA Reference Guide 
9. Legal Punctuation
10. Legal Reasoning

Our exam-focused law notes are your perfect companion to open-book or closed-book exams.

You'll have a firm grasp of all the essential legal concepts and law exam skills shortly.

Don't wait until it's too late!


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