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It goes without saying that you must master law exam skills before walking into the exam room. Yet, these exam skills are often kept confidential so that law exams can efficiently differentiate stronger students from weaker ones. In fact, your professors intentionally avoid teaching these crucial skills in class because they don't want everyone to get first-class results. Otherwise, they will be criticised by university management for being too lenient or for setting exam questions improperly. However, we believe every law student has the right to graduate with a first-class law degree, so we have prepared this law exam guide for you to outperform your peers. In this guide, you will learn how to tackle problem questions and essay questions step by step to achieve first-class results. We have also prepared some exam questions with model answers for you to learn by example.

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Don't forget to check out our Law Exam Model Answers for more exemplary law essays and answers to problem questions. 

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