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Law Exam Model Answers

Law Exam Model Answers

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Learning by example is the easiest way to learn. That is why your professors don't provide you with exemplary essays and model answers because they fear you all will master law exam techniques, a situation they do not want to see because they will have difficulty differentiating weaker students from stronger ones, which is what all exams are meant to do. However, as a legal educator, we appreciate and respect your ambition to obtain a first-class law degree. That is why we have prepared model answers for frequently tested topics to show you how to write law essays and answer problem questions to achieve first-class results.

To get the maximum benefit, you are also advised to read our Law Exam Skills for a step-by-step guide to writing first-class essays and answers in law exams. You will learn how to apply case law and statute law properly in law exams. You will also learn how to structure law essays and answers to problem questions effectively. If you want to improve your law exam skills, this is one of the most important notes we have for you.

12 Model Essays for Law Exams
• Criminal Law
• Contract Law
• Public Law
• Tort Law
• Property Law (Land Law)
• Equity and Trusts
• Family Law
• Company Law

8 Model Answers to Problem Questions
• Contract Law
• Tort Law
• Criminal Law
• Property Law (Land Law)
• Family Law
• Equity and Trusts
• Company Law

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Instant access to print-ready, mobile-friendly law notes in pdf format.

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  • Criminal Practice

    Diagrams and Charts

    Our carefully designed diagrams and charts will guide you through complex legal issues.

  • Criminal Law

    Clear and Succinct Definitions

    Key concepts are concisely defined to help you understand legal topics quickly.

  • Property Law

    Statutory Provisions

    Statutory provisions are provided side by side with legal concepts to help you swiftly locate the relevant legislation.

  • Public Law

    Case Summaries

    We have summarised important cases for you so that you don't need to read long and boring cases.

  • Evidence

    Rules and Exceptions

    Rules and exceptions are clearly listed so that you know when a rule applies and when it doesn't.

  • Company Law


    Legal terms and key concepts are explained at the beginning of each chapter to help you learn efficiently.

  • Case Law

    Case law is provided side by side with legal concepts so that you know how legal principles and precedents were established.

  • Law Exam Skills

    Law Essay Guide

    You will learn essential law exam skills and essay writing techniques that are not taught in class.

  • Law Exam Skills

    Problem Question Guide

    We will show you how to answer problem questions step by step to achieve first-class results.

  • Conflict of Laws

    Structured Explanations

    Complex legal concepts are broken down into concise and digestible bullet point explanations.

  • Legal System and Method

    Legal Research

    You will learn legal research techniques with our study guide and become a proficient legal researcher.

  • Jurisprudence and Legal Theory


    All essential concepts, principles, and case law are included so that you can answer exam questions quickly.