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Although non-law graduate can sit the SQE directly, this does not mean you should do so because you lack the foundation knowledge all law graduates have. Despite having studied law for many years, law graduates need additional preparation before sitting the SQE, and many of them will still fail. As the SQE pass rate is just slightly more than half, this exam is one of the hardest professional exams that should never be taken lightly. Our Pre-SQE Study Package serves as a prerequisite for effective preparation of the SQE. You will study the modules that most law graduates have studied. This will bring your legal knowledge on par with those who study law for their first degree. If you are a non-law graduate not sure of how to start your SQE preparation, this is the right package for you.

SQE Modules
1. Business Law
2. Contract Law
3. Criminal Law
4. Criminal Practice
5. Dispute Resolution
6. English Legal System
7. EU Law
8. Evidence
9. Land Law
10. Public Law
11. Solicitors Accounts and Ethics
12. Tort Law
13. Trusts Law
14. Wills and Administration of Estates

This edition has recently been updated for the 2023-24 academic year.

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You'll have a firm grasp of all the essential legal concepts and law exam skills shortly.

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