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Third Year LLB Modules (UOL Graduate Entry Route)

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Third Year is a very painful year for all law students because you will have to take two of the most terrifying modules, namely Equity and Trusts, and Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, on top of another optional module which is also one of the hardest. Many students cannot graduate because they cannot pass these modules. High-performing students can easily become low achievers. You will ruin your career opportunities if you fail to meet the expectations of law firm employers.

For UOL students, by now you should know that the subject guides and textbooks are poorly written and unreadable, ill-preparing you for law exams and legal practice in the future. Taking courses at a teaching centre will not help either because lessons are badly conducted by inexperienced half-hearted teachers. Instead, you are advised to study with us and follow our advice because we know exactly what you should do to achieve first-class results.

You have to study Jurisprudence and Legal Theory because it is a compulsory module. If you want to graduate with a qualifying law degree so that you can practise in England and Wales, you must also study Equity and Trusts. We recommend you take Company Law because it is one of the most practical modules tested in the SQE.

Compulsory, Qualifying and Optional Modules
1. Equity and Trusts
2. Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
3. Company Law

This edition has recently been updated for the 2023-24 academic year.

We also have individual first-class law notes for Evidence, International Commercial LawCivil and Criminal Procedure, and Conflict of Laws.

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The notes will teach to how to answer problem questions and essay questions step by step to achieve first-class results. You will not learn these essential law exam skills in class because they are intentionally kept confidential by your professors so that law exams can efficiently differentiate stronger students from weaker ones. If you want to become a high-achiever and stand out from your fellow classmates, you should make use of our Law Exam Skills and follow our advice. We have carefully prepared frequently tested exam questions with first-class model answers for you to learn by example.

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