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United Nations Office of Legal Affairs Internship

The United Nations is a global organisation dedicated to promoting peace, human rights, and international cooperation. Within the UN, the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) plays a crucial role in providing legal advice and support to various UN bodies, agencies, and member states. OLA offers both internship programmes for individuals interested in contributing to the UN's mission and gaining valuable experience in the field of law and related areas.


The OLA offers an internship programme designed primarily for university students and recent graduates. This programme is particularly appealing to individuals interested in pursuing careers in law, but it occasionally extends opportunities to other fields like administration and information technology. To be eligible for an OLA internship, candidates must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a graduate school programme (advanced university degree).
  • Enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum bachelor’s level or equivalent).
  • Graduated from a university degree programme and plan to commence the internship within one year of graduation.

Admission to the OLA internship programme is highly competitive. Interns selected for this programme typically work on tasks related to ongoing projects under the guidance of experienced legal officers within OLA. The duration of an internship can vary, with a minimum commitment of two months and a maximum of six months.

UN interns are not financially compensated by the United Nations. All costs associated with travel, visas, accommodation, and living expenses are the responsibility of the interns themselves or their sponsoring institutions.

The OLA internship programme is advertised for application at specific intervals throughout the year, typically at the beginning of January, May, and September. To explore current internship opportunities and get detailed information on how to apply, please visit the UN careers website at

Whether you are seeking a career with the UN or looking to gain hands-on experience through an internship, the OLA offers valuable opportunities for individuals passionate about international law and making a positive impact on the world. For the latest updates and application procedures, refer to the UN careers website.

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