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Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law
The Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in Common Law stands as a pivotal milestone for individuals embarking on their journey into the field of law. This foundational qualification serves as a gateway to deeper exploration and understanding of ...
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Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law
The Graduate Diploma (GradDip) in Commercial Law offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic field. This diploma programme consists of a series of modules that cover ...
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How to Get into Cambridge or Oxford?
Securing admission to the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge is a prestigious achievement that requires dedication, academic excellence, and a strategic approach to the admissions process. Both universities have a rich history and ar...
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Should You Consider Studying Law?
Embarking on a journey to pursue a degree in law is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. The field of law is diverse, encompassing various specialisations and offering a range of career opportunities. In this blog post, we will...
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All Law Degrees Explained
In the realm of legal education, various degrees cater to diverse stages and aspirations within the legal profession. This overview aims to provide a concise glimpse into the diverse landscape of legal degrees and their respective roles in shaping le...
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10 Important Factors for Choosing Law School
Embarking on the journey to become a legal professional is an exciting yet pivotal decision. Aspiring lawyers must carefully choose a law school that aligns with their goals and aspirations. This article explores the key factors prospective law stude...
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How to Study Law
Embarking on the journey to study law is a challenging yet intellectually rewarding endeavour. The legal field demands a unique set of skills and a disciplined approach to learning. Whether you are a first-year law student or an aspiring legal schola...
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How to Find out If Law School Is for You
Deciding whether law school is the right path for you requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some steps and considerations to help you determine if law school aligns with your goals and interests:Research the legal profession: Ga...
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Pros and Cons of UK Distance Learning LLB Programmes
Doing a distance learning LLB with a UK university is a popular option for students worldwide seeking a high-quality legal education. Like any programmes, distance learning LLB programmes have their own set of pros and cons, which can vary depending ...
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Top 10 Cities for Law Students
Choosing the right city for your legal studies can profoundly impact your academic journey and future career prospects. The world's top law schools are often situated in cities that offer a unique blend of academic excellence, robust legal job m...
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Essential Qualities for Being a Law Student
Becoming a successful law student requires a combination of skills, qualities, and attributes that contribute to effective learning and future success in the legal field. As aspiring lawyers begin their journey in an arena where the art of critical t...
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Pros and Cons of Pursuing an LLB
Pursuing an LLB is a significant decision that should be weighed carefully against personal aspirations, strengths, and circumstances. While it provides a strong legal foundation, the path can be demanding and competitive. As a legal educator, we bel...
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Pros and Cons of Graduate Entry LLB
A Graduate Entry LLB, also known as Senior Status LLB or Accelerated LLB, is an academic programme designed for individuals who already have an undergraduate degree in a non-law subject and wish to pursue a career in law. Before you commit your time ...
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Senior Status BA in Jurisprudence at Oxford University
The Senior Status BA in Jurisprudence Programme at Oxford University is a Second Undergraduate Degree Programme designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree in a different subject and wish to study law. The programme follows the sta...
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Senior Status BA in Law at Cambridge University
The Senior Status BA in Law at Cambridge University is a Second Undergraduate Degree programme allowing students who already hold an undergraduate degree from another university to study law and obtain a law degree in two years instead of the usual t...
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Diagrams and Charts

Our carefully designed diagrams and charts will guide you through complex legal issues.

Clear and Succinct Definitions

Key concepts are concisely defined to help you understand legal topics quickly.

Statutory Provisions

Statutory provisions are provided side by side with legal concepts to help you swiftly locate the relevant legislation.

Case Summaries

We have summarised important cases for you so that you don't need to read long and boring cases.

Rules and Exceptions

Rules and exceptions are clearly listed so that you know when a rule applies and when it doesn't.


Legal terms and key concepts are explained at the beginning of each chapter to help you learn efficiently.

Case Law

Case law is provided side by side with legal concepts so that you know how legal principles and precedents were established.

Law Essay Guide

You will learn essential law exam skills and essay writing techniques that are not taught in class.

Problem Question Guide

We will show you how to answer problem questions step by step to achieve first-class results.

Structured Explanations

Complex legal concepts are broken down into concise and digestible bullet point explanations.

Legal Research

You will learn legal research techniques with our study guide and become a proficient legal researcher.


All essential concepts, principles, and case law are included so that you can answer exam questions quickly.