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Master of Laws (LLM) vs Juris Doctor (JD)
Master of Laws (LLM) and Juris Doctor (JD) are both graduate-level degrees in the field of law, but they serve different purposes and are typically pursued at different stages of one's legal education and career. While the LLM offers an opportun...
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Law Conversion Course
A law conversion course, also known as a Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL), Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or Common Professional Examination (CPE), is a postgraduate course designed for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree in a subject other tha...
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University of London Master of Laws (LLM)
The LLM of the University of London is arguably the most prestigious and flexible distancing learning Master of Laws degree in the world. This programme is designed to accommodate individuals from diverse backgrounds and educational levels who have a...
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Cambridge Master of Corporate Law (MCL)
The Master of Corporate Law (MCL) offered by Cambridge University is arguably the most prestigious legal qualification in the field of corporate law that rivals the BCL of Oxford University though the two programmes focus on different aspects of law....
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LLM Admissions Process
The admissions process for a Master of Laws (LLM) programme can vary among law schools, but it typically follows a standard pattern that requires you to complete certain prerequisites and include specific documents for evaluation. Here is what you ne...
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Oxford Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL)
The Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) programme at the University of Oxford is arguably one of the most unique and prestigious law degrees in the world. It is not a bachelor's degree as its name suggests but rather a postgraduate degree comparable to an LL...
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Why Is LLM More Valuable than JD, LLB and PGDL?
An LLM, or Master of Laws, is a postgraduate degree in law that provides advanced legal education to individuals who have already completed a law degree, such as Juris Doctor (JD), Bachelor of Law (LLB) or Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL). It may b...
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