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Welcome to our UOL International Programmes, where your journey to a prestigious law qualification begins. Our comprehensive suite of courses is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications necessary to excel in the legal profession. Explore our diverse offerings and find the perfect programme tailored to your aspirations:

UOL International Foundation Programme (IFP)
This study programme offers an exceptional pathway to a prestigious legal education, providing students worldwide with the opportunity to gain a strong foundation in law. These meticulously designed programme caters to various academic and professional needs, from those starting their legal journey to graduates seeking specialised knowledge. With a range of courses covering fundamental legal principles, this programme ensures that students are well-prepared for further legal studies or professional practice.

Bar Course Preparation (BTC, BPC, BVC, BVS)
The Bar Course Preparation programme is designed for aspiring barristers aiming to prepare for the vocational stage of bar training. This study programme covers critical areas such as advocacy, professional ethics, and procedural law. Students will engage in simulated court proceedings, develop essential research skills, and receive detailed insights from experienced legal educators. By the end of the programme, you will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the bar course and proceed towards a successful career at the Bar.

MA Law Conversion
Our MA Law Conversion programme is a comprehensive course for graduates from non-law disciplines who wish to prepare for legal education at the postgraduate level. This intensive programme provides a solid foundation in legal principles and practice. The curriculum is designed to help you meet the assessment specification of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) and the requirements for the academic stage of bar training. After finishing this study programme, you will be equipped with the legal knowledge and analytical skills necessary to embark on further legal training or practice.

MLaw Study Package
The MLaw Study Package is a flexible, all-inclusive programme designed to support students at various stages of their legal education. This study programme includes access to a range of modules across different legal disciplines, allowing you to tailor your studies to your interests and career goals. Whether you need foundational courses or advanced legal studies, this package provides the resources and support you need, including our high-performance study notes and essential exam advice, to excel in your legal studies.

LPC Study Package
Our LPC Study Package prepares you for the Legal Practice Course (LPC), the final academic step before qualifying as a solicitor. This comprehensive package includes detailed study materials, practice guides, and expert guidance on key areas such as Civil and Criminal Litigation, Business Law and Professional Conduct. The programme is designed to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the practical aspects of legal practice, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the LPC and beyond.

LLM Study Package
This LLM Study Package is designed for legal professionals and graduates seeking to specialise and advance their knowledge in specific areas of law. This package includes access to a range of advanced modules in topics such as International Law, Commercial Law, Human Rights Law, and more. Students will benefit from in-depth study materials, research resources, and expert faculty support, enabling them to develop a deep understanding of their chosen field and enhance their career prospects.

GradDip International Law
The study programme offers an in-depth exploration of international legal principles, treaties, and case law. It is ideal for those looking to specialise in international legal practice, providing a comprehensive understanding of public and private international law, international human rights, and international trade law. After finishing this programme, students will be well-prepared for careers in international organisations, non-governmental organisations, and global law firms.

GradDip Commercial Law
This study programme focuses on the legal aspects of commerce and trade. It covers critical topics such as contract law, company law, banking and finance law, and international trade law. Designed for those seeking to specialise in commercial legal practice, the programme provides a solid foundation in the principles and practices that govern commercial transactions and corporate governance.

CertHE Common Law
This study programme provides a foundational understanding of common law principles and practices. It is ideal for individuals beginning their legal education or those seeking a comprehensive introduction to the legal system. The curriculum covers essential subjects such as Contract Law, Public Law, and Criminal Law, providing a solid grounding for further legal studies or entry-level legal roles.

Legal Executive Package
The Legal Executive Package is tailored for individuals pursuing a career as a legal executive. This comprehensive programme covers the necessary knowledge and skills required for this specialised legal role. Students will study key areas such as civil litigation, property law, and legal research, preparing them for the responsibilities of a legal executive. The package includes practical exercises and access to professional networks, ensuring graduates are well-equipped to excel in their careers.

Legal English and Writing
Our Legal English and Writing course is designed to enhance the legal language and writing skills of non-native English speakers and legal professionals. This programme focuses on the precise use of legal terminology, drafting legal documents, and effective legal communication. Through practical exercises and expert feedback, students will develop the skills necessary to produce clear and accurate legal texts, essential for success in the legal profession.

Law Exam Guide
The Law Exam Guide is an essential resource for law students preparing for examinations. This guide provides practical tips, strategies, and practice questions to help you excel in your law exams. Covering a wide range of subjects, the guide ensures you are well-prepared and confident when sitting for your exams.

Third Year LLB Modules (UOL Graduate Entry Route)
Designed for students who have completed the first two years of their LLB programme with a prior degree, these advanced modules focus on specialised areas of law, preparing students for professional practice or further legal studies. In the Equity and Trusts module, students delve into the principles of equity, exploring the creation and administration of trusts, fiduciary duties, and equitable remedies. Jurisprudence and Legal Theory examines philosophical questions about the nature of law, legal reasoning, and the relationship between law and morality, providing a critical perspective on legal systems.

Third Year LLB Modules (UOL Standard Entry Route)
These modules are designed for students who have completed their first two years of LLB programme without a prior degree but have progressed to an advanced level. The Equity and Trusts module provides a comprehensive study of equitable principles and the law of trusts. Jurisprudence and Legal Theory offers theoretical insights into law and its function in society. Evidence focuses on the rules and principles governing the admissibility of evidence in legal proceedings, essential for understanding trial processes.

Second Year LLB Modules (UOL Graduate Entry Route)
For graduate entrants, these modules provide an in-depth study of core legal areas, building on the foundational knowledge from the first year. In Property Law, students learn about land law principles, including ownership, leases, and mortgages. The Tort Law module examines civil wrongs and legal remedies, focusing on negligence, nuisance, and defamation. The EU Law module offers an in-depth understanding of the European Union's legal framework, including its institutions, legislative processes, and substantive law.

Second Year LLB Modules (UOL Standard Entry Route)
Similar to the Graduate Entry modules, these are designed for students continuing from the first year of the standard entry LLB. Property Law offers an in-depth study of land and property laws, while Tort Law examines civil wrongs and remedies. The EU Law module offers an in-depth understanding of the European Union's legal framework, including its institutions, legislative processes, and substantive law.

First Year LLB Modules (UOL Graduate Entry Route)
For graduate entrants, these introductory modules lay the foundation for legal studies. Contract Law introduces the basic principles of forming and enforcing contracts. Criminal Law covers the fundamental aspects of criminal liability and defences. Public Law examines the structure and functioning of government institutions and constitutional principles.

First Year LLB Modules (UOL Standard Entry Route)
For standard entry students, these foundational modules provide the basics of legal education. Contract Law covers the essentials of contract formation and enforcement. Criminal Law introduces the basics of criminal liability and major offences. Public Law explores constitutional principles and the structure of government. The Legal System and Method module provides an introduction to the legal system, sources of law, and essential legal research skills, preparing students for more advanced studies.

9 Qualifying LLB Modules (UOL Graduate Entry Route)
The study programme is designed to help students meet the requirements for a qualifying law degree, covering key areas of legal knowledge. The modules include the seven foundation modules that students need to study for their SQE or for admission to the vocational stage of bar training, namely Contract Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Equity and Trusts, EU Law, Property Law, Tort Law. This combination ensures that students receive a comprehensive education in the fundamental areas of law required for professional qualification.

12 Qualifying LLB Modules (UOL Standard Entry Route)
This extended set of modules provides a more comprehensive legal education, including additional specialised topics. In addition to the nine core modules, students will study Evidence and Commercial Law, which covers key principles and issues in criminal and commercial practice. This expanded curriculum ensures a thorough and robust legal education, meeting all the qualifying requirements and providing a broader understanding of the law.

SQE Foundation Package
Our SQE Foundation Package prepares you for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), the new route to qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales. This package includes comprehensive study materials and resources for both SQE1, covering essential legal knowledge and practical skills. With expert guidance and practice exercises, this package ensures you are fully prepared for the SQE1 and your future career as a solicitor.

PGDL / GDL Law Conversion
The study programme is a highly respected programme designed for graduates from non-law disciplines who wish to convert their existing qualifications to a legal qualification. It covers all the core subjects required for a qualifying law degree, such as Contract Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Equity and Trusts, EU Law, Property Law, and Tort Law. The programme is meticulously structured to provide a solid foundation in legal principles, ensuring that students acquire the essential knowledge and analytical skills needed for legal practice or further professional training.

All 18 UOL Modules
This study programme offers a comprehensive and thorough legal education, covering a wide range of essential and specialised legal topics. This programme is designed for students who seek an extensive understanding of the law and wish to gain in-depth knowledge across multiple areas. By enrolling in this programme, students will have access to 18 carefully curated modules that encompass both foundational and advanced legal subjects. The curriculum typically includes core areas such as Contract Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Equity and Trusts, EU Law, Property Law, Tort Law, Administrative Law, and Evidence, along with specialised modules like International Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, and more. This extensive coverage ensures that graduates are well-prepared for a variety of legal careers and further academic pursuits.

All 30 Law Modules (Best Value)
This study programme represents the most comprehensive and cost-effective legal education package offered by UOLLB and UOL Teaching Centre. This programme includes a complete set of 30 modules, providing students with an unparalleled breadth and depth of legal knowledge. Ideal for those who aim to achieve the most extensive legal education possible, this programme covers all fundamental areas of law, advanced subjects, and a wide array of specialised topics. Students will study essential subjects such as Contract Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Property Law, Tort Law, and Evidence, along with advanced and niche areas like Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, and more. The 'Best Value' aspect of this programme not only refers to the financial savings from enrolling in the entire suite of modules but also the academic and professional value gained from such an exhaustive curriculum. After finishing this programme, students of this programme will emerge with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the legal landscape, equipped with the expertise and skills to excel in various legal careers, pursue advanced legal studies, or specialise in specific legal fields.

Embark on your legal education journey with UOLLB and UOL Teaching Centre. Our expertly designed courses and packages will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications needed to succeed in the competitive field of law. Choose the programme that best suits your goals and take the first step towards a rewarding legal career.

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