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What Do Business Consulting Firms McKinsey, BCG, and Bain Actually Do?
In the world of business consulting, three names stand out with a prestige that resonates across industries and borders: McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company. Collectively known as the "Big Three" of the consu...
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How Can Law Students Become Business Consultants?
Law students can transition into business consulting by leveraging their unique skill set and acquiring business knowledge and skills. Business consultants require analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills—qua...
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SCR and SCQA for Business Consulting
The Situation-Complication-Resolution (SCR) and Situation-Complication-Question-Answer (SCQA) models are widely used in business consulting and presentation development to structure thinking and communication in a logical, persuasive manner. Both app...
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New Route to Becoming Barrister in England and Wales
The Bar Standards Board (BSB) is considering significant changes to the requirements for students pursuing bar vocational courses in the UK. The proposed changes aim to eliminate the current requirement for students to have obtained a lower second cl...
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Essential Skills for Aspiring Barristers
Becoming a barrister is a pursuit that demands a comprehensive skill set encompassing academic excellence, legal acumen, and effective communication abilities. Aspiring barristers need to showcase a range of skills to navigate the challenges of the l...
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10 Most Common Things Barristers Do
The role of a barrister is often shrouded in mystery for those outside the legal profession. While many are familiar with the term, the intricacies of a barrister's responsibilities may not be as well understood. In this article, we aim to demystify ...
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What Do Barristers Actually Do?
Embarking on the journey to become a barrister is a pursuit marked by a multifaceted role that demands a deep understanding of the law, effective communication skills, and strategic thinking. Among the myriad responsibilities, barristers play a pivot...
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How to Get a Pupillage?
Securing pupillage is a significant milestone for aspiring barristers, marking the transition from academic study to the practical application of legal skills in a courtroom setting. In the highly competitive legal landscape, obtaining pupillage requ...
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How to Get a Training Contract?
Securing a training contract is a pivotal step on the journey to becoming a qualified solicitor. In a competitive legal landscape, aspiring solicitors must employ a strategic and proactive approach to stand out among their peers. This comprehensive g...
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What Qualities Do City Law Firms Look For?
City law firms in the UK seek a diverse set of qualities in prospective candidates to ensure their ability to navigate the intricacies of legal practice successfully. Among the crucial attributes, adaptability holds particular significance. Adaptabil...
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Pro Bono Work for Law Students
In the dynamic field of law, where legal expertise meets social responsibility, the concept of pro bono work stands as a testament to the commitment of legal professionals to serve the community. Pro bono, derived from the Latin phrase "pro bono publ...
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UK Legal Education System
The United Kingdom boasts a rich legal heritage, and its legal education system is renowned for producing skilled and adept legal professionals. The journey to becoming a lawyer in the UK involves a structured and comprehensive legal education system...
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Major Areas of Legal Practice
The field of law is a multifaceted and dynamic domain that plays a central role in shaping and regulating societies across the globe. It encompasses a vast array of specialised areas, each with its own set of rules, principles, and legal expertise.Ad...
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Top 10 Cities for Lawyers
The legal profession stands as a bedrock of society, ensuring the administration of justice, safeguarding individual rights, and navigating the complex tapestry of laws that govern our world. For lawyers with a global perspective, the choice of where...
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Essential Qualities for Being a Lawyer
As the legal field evolves and adapts to modern complexities, certain qualities stand out as essential for those who seek to excel in this demanding and influential profession. From communication prowess to ethical integrity, from analytical acumen t...
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Pros and Cons of Being a Lawyer
Embarking on a career as a lawyer is a profound choice that entails a myriad of intricacies. With its amalgamation of challenges and rewards, the legal profession beckons those who are drawn to the pursuit of justice, intellectual stimulation, and th...
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How Should Law Students Use Summer to Relax, Reflect, and Recharge?
Law school can be demanding, so using the summer to relax, reflect, and recharge is crucial for your well-being and overall success. Here are some tips for law students to make the most of their summer break:Rest and recharge: Start by giving yoursel...
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Legal Process Outsourcing
Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) refers to the practice of delegating specific legal tasks and processes to external service providers, often located in different geographic regions. LPO companies offer a range of legal services to law firms, corporat...
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NewLaw refers to a modern and innovative approach to the practice of law that departs from traditional legal models. The term encompasses a variety of alternative and progressive legal practices, structures, and methodologies that respond to the evol...
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Alternative Legal Service Providers
Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) refer to entities and organisations that offer legal services and support outside of the traditional law firm model. ALSPs have emerged as a response to the evolving needs of clients and the changing landsc...
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Organisational Arrangements of Law Firms
Organisational arrangements of law firms refer to the structures and setups through which law practices operate. These arrangements determine how the firm is owned, managed, and structured in terms of liability, decision-making, and overall governanc...
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How to Become King's Counsel?
King's Counsel (KC) is a prestigious title and recognition bestowed upon senior barristers and solicitor advocates. It signifies excellence in advocacy, legal expertise, and leadership within the legal profession. To achieve KC status, you need ...
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Legal Positions of UK Law Firms
The structure of law firms in the UK is shaped by a well-defined hierarchy of legal positions. This hierarchy not only establishes a clear pathway for career advancement but also outlines the distinct roles that contribute to the efficient functionin...
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10 Things to Consider before Negotiating Salary
Negotiating salary is a sensitive workplace issue that requires professional preparation, effective communication, and a strategic approach. Being well-prepared and informed can help you navigate negotiations successfully while maintaining a positive...
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Common Career Paths for LLB Graduates
Your LLB can open doors to various professions in the legal field. Here are some common career paths that you can pursue with an LLB degree:Lawyer/Advocate: Many LLB graduates choose to become lawyers or advocates, representing clients in court, prov...
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Law Firms

Top 10 Law Firms in California
The legal landscape in California is marked by a vibrant and dynamic array of law firms, each distinguished by its unique blend of expertise, reputation, and historical significance. California, as a hub of innovation, technology, and commerce, attra...
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Top 10 Law Firms in London
The legal industry in London has earned global recognition for its exceptional services, with a multitude of law firms providing comprehensive legal solutions across diverse practice areas. From corporate law to dispute resolution, these firms have f...
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BigLaw Firms
BigLaw, also known as megafirms, is a colloquial term used to describe large and prestigious law firms that are typically characterised by their extensive size, global presence, high-profile clientele, and substantial billable rates. These firms ofte...
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Virtual Law Firms
In the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, the emergence of virtual law firms represents a transformative development within the legal industry. These innovative firms operate with a unique approach, leveraging modern technology and telecommunicat...
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Boutique Law Firms
Boutique law firms represent a distinctive facet of the legal landscape, offering a specialised and focused approach to legal practice. While lawyers in smaller cities and towns often maintain traditional general practices, the contemporary complexit...
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Top 10 Law Firms in the World by Revenue
The global legal landscape is dominated by top-tier law firms that consistently generate substantial revenue and command a significant presence in the industry. These firms possess a combination of expertise, global reach, and an impressive track rec...
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Top 10 Law Firms in Pakistan
The legal industry in Pakistan is home to several renowned law firms that offer comprehensive and high-quality legal services. These firms have established themselves through years of experience, expertise, and a strong track record of providing effe...
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Top 10 Indian Law Firms
The Indian legal landscape is home to several prestigious and renowned law firms. These firms are known for their comprehensive legal services, extensive industry knowledge, and a track record of handling complex and high-profile cases. They hav...
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Seven Sisters Law Firms in Canada
In the bustling legal landscape of Canada, seven law firms have risen to prominence for their exceptional legal services, expertise, and contributions to the legal industry. These firms are informally known as Seven Sisters law firms. With offic...
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Offshore Magic Circle
Offshore Magic Circle is often used to refer to the top offshore law firms that provide legal services in offshore financial centres. These firms are known for their high-quality legal expertise and reputation in handling complex international transa...
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Big Four Law Firms in Japan
In the dynamic and complex landscape of Japan's legal industry, there exist four prominent law firms commonly referred to as the Big Four. Offering a wide range of legal services, have extensive expertise in Japanese law and business practices, these...
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Big Six Law Firms in Australia
The term "Big Six" law firms in Australia refers to the six largest and most prominent law firms in the country. While the composition of the Big Six may vary depending on factors such as revenue and market share, the following law firms are often in...
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White-shoe Law Firms in United States
White-shoe law firms are prestigious, high-profile law firms known for their reputation, history, and clientele. The term "white-shoe" originally referred to the traditional attire of lawyers at these firms, who would wear formal business attire, inc...
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Top 10 Law Firms in New York City
New York City is home to the biggest legal market in the world. It is therefore not surprising that the legal landscape in New York City is highly competitive and diverse, with numerous prestigious law firms operating in the area.Cravath, Swaine &...
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Top 10 Law Firms in United States
The United States is known for its litigious environment, making it an ideal nurturing ground for prominent law firms with worldwide influence. Its top 10 law firms are globally renowned for their exceptional legal services, extensive expertise, and ...
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Bar's Magic Circle
The Bar's Magic Circle refers to a group of prestigious barristers' chambers in the United Kingdom. These chambers are known for their outstanding reputation and expertise in handling high-profile and complex legal matters. Blackstone ChambersBlackst...
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Silver Circle
The Silver Circle firms are a group of prominent law firms in the United Kingdom that are generally smaller in size and less profitable than Magic Circle firms. While there is no fixed definition or set criteria for being part of the Silver Circle, t...
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Magic Circle
The Magic Circle firms represent a group of most prestigious and profitable law firms headquartered in London that have earned international recognition for their exceptional legal services. Consisting of Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Freshfiel...
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Job Openings

Top 10 Law Firms in the World by Headcount
The legal industry is home to some of the largest and most influential law firms in the world. These firms boast significant headcounts, enabling them to provide comprehensive legal services across various practice areas and jurisdictions. Here ...
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Job Openings in Big Six Law Firms
Unlock extraordinary career opportunities in the legal world by exploring job openings at Australia's esteemed Big Six law firms in Australia. Renowned for their excellence, influence, and prestigious clientele, these firms offer an unparalleled...
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Job Openings in White-shoe Law Firms
White-shoe law firms in the United States are well-known for their longstanding tradition of excellence, distinguished client base, and involvement in high-profile legal matters. Working at a White-shoe law firm provides an unparalleled platform to a...
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Job Openings at Seven Sisters Law Firms
At a Seven Sisters law firm, you will be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking team, working on complex and high-profile legal matters that shape industries and influence society. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with top-tier clients, i...
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Job Openings at Offshore Magic Circle
Joining an Offshore Magic Circle firm means immersing yourself in a dynamic legal environment that transcends borders. These firms specialise in offshore financial centres, offering a wide range of legal services to clients around the globe. You will...
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Job Openings at Silver Circle
Are you seeking a rewarding career in the legal field? Look no further than the prestigious and dynamic world of Silver Circle law firms. With their reputation for excellence and commitment to delivering top-notch legal services, Silver Circle firms ...
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Job Openings at Magic Circle
Magic Circle law firms are a group of elite law firms based in London, UK. These firms are known for their prestigious reputation, high-profile clients, and involvement in complex and significant legal matters. Their attractive salary packages m...
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United Nations Office of Legal Affairs Internship
The United Nations is a global organisation dedicated to promoting peace, human rights, and international cooperation. Within the UN, the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) plays a crucial role in providing legal advice and support to various UN bodies, a...
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IMF Fund Internship Programme for LLM or JD Students
The Fund Internship Programme (FIP) at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) offers a unique opportunity for summer interns to gain a firsthand understanding of the IMF's member-country-focused mandate and its critical role in global economic stabili...
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International Bar Association Legal Internship Programme
The International Bar Association (IBA) offers a legal internship program that provides law students and young lawyers with an opportunity to gain practical experience in an international legal setting. The IBA is a global association of legal profes...
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Court of Justice of the European Union Traineeships
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) offers paid traineeships to a limited number of individuals each year. These traineeships are available in the chambers of Members of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union, ...
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International Court of Justice Internship
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) offers internships to individuals in the early stages of their careers who are seeking practical experience in the field of international law. The internship programme provides an opportunity for interns to ap...
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World Bank Legal Internship Programme
The World Bank Legal Internship Programme is a highly sought-after opportunity that allows law students and recent graduates to gain valuable experience and insight into the work of the World Bank and its Legal Vice Presidency. The programme aims to ...
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