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Studying law is a costly endeavour. Students often pay expensive tuition fees only to find that they are unable to learn what they are required to learn largely due to ineffective teaching and insufficient guidance.

At many universities, professors may be experts in their own fields, but they may not be good at teaching. In many cases, they may choose to devote their time to research and publication because this is what gives them fame and gets them promoted. Many universities turn a blind eye to this situation because university reputation and rankings depend very much on their professors' ability to publish.

What makes the situation worse is that some universities and their off-campus teaching centres seek to maximise profits by hiring part-time faculty who just want to make a few more bucks despite their already busy schedules. Exhausted by their daytime jobs, they go to the teaching centres to deliver lessons after work. This is definitely not an ideal situation for both the teachers and students.

In addition, universities' desire for profit maximisation often results in over enrolments. A large class size at university means that students may not be able to receive individual attention and instruction to help them overcome learning difficulties. Students have various learning needs that must be addressed with tailored support and guidance. However, this is not possible because there are too many students for the professors to cope with. As a result, some students will inevitably be ignored and feel dejected.

In view of the plight law students suffer, UOLLB feels that we have a duty to facilitate and simplify legal education by making it an affordable option. Therefore, we aim to offer students a more cost-effective way to speed up revision and turbocharge exam performance. With this in mind, we offer study packages to guide you through all the difficulties you may likely encounter, bringing you peace of mind while showing you the most efficient way to study law.

Developed by world-class legal educators with reference to the LLB programme of the University of London, SQE assessment specification, CILEX qualification framework, UOLLB First Class Law Notes are suitable for anyone studying law at any university or preparing law exams, including the SQE, CILEX, LLB, PGDL, GDL, and UOL.

Study with us and be amazed by top-notch learning materials developed by renowned faculty.

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