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How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan?

How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan?

Becoming a lawyer in Pakistan requires a combination of academic qualifications, practical training and passing the bar exam. The process of becoming a lawyer in Pakistan typically takes several years to complete, and you will need to follow these specific steps:

Complete a law degree: You are required to obtain a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from a recognised university. This programme typically takes 5 years to complete. A foreign LLB approved by the Pakistan Bar Council and Higher Education Commission can fulfil this academic requirement.

Pass the LAW-GAT: After completing your law degree, you must pass the Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAW-GAT), which is the Pakistan Bar Exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions with a passing mark of 50. The test is conducted on a quarterly basis, and you are allowed a maximum of 5 attempts.

Complete a 6-month apprenticeship: After passing the bar exam, you will need to complete a 6-month apprenticeship with a senior advocate. During this time, you will gain practical experience in the field of law and learn from experienced lawyers.

Apply for a practising licence: Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you can apply for a licence to practise law in Pakistan. This licence is issued by the Pakistan Bar Council, and you must get the senior advocate to sign a certificate confirming your satisfactory completion of the apprenticeship.

Gain further experience: Newly qualified lawyers must practise law in lower courts for 2 years before they can handle cases at the High Court. After 7 years of practising law in the High Court, they are eligible for admission as a Supreme Court Advocate.

The requirements for becoming a lawyer in Pakistan may vary depending on the province or territory in which you wish to practice. It is important to research the specific requirements for your desired location.

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