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How to Research for Law Essays
Researching for law essays is a critical step in the writing process, enabling students to build a solid foundation for their arguments and ensure their discussions are informed, accurate, and comprehensive. Here is a guide on how to conduct effectiv...
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How to Plan and Outline Law Essays
Writing a law essay requires a structured approach to research, analysis, and argument construction. Whether you're tackling an assignment for a law school class, preparing for a law review submission, or composing essays for bar exam preparation, th...
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How to Approach Law Assignments the Right Way
Law assignments can be daunting due to their complexity and the critical thinking they require. Whether you are tackling a case study, essay, or problem question, a structured approach is key to producing a comprehensive and coherent paper. Here is a...
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UK Qualifications Explained
The UK qualifications framework encompasses a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications, providing clear progression routes for learners. Here is an overview of the qualifications mentioned, organised according to their place in the UK Fra...
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10 Common Mistake to Avoid in Law Essays
Law essays require a meticulous approach, demanding precision, clarity, and adherence to specific conventions. Aspiring legal scholars often encounter challenges in navigating the complexities of legal writing. In this article, we will explore 10 com...
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How to Avoid Plagiarism
Maintaining academic integrity is a fundamental aspect of scholarly pursuits, and one of the gravest offences against it is plagiarism. Plagiarism occurs when a writer presents someone else's ideas, words, or work as their own, compromising the authe...
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Thesis vs Dissertation
For many students pursuing advanced degrees, the terms "thesis" and "dissertation" are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion. While both involve in-depth research and scholarly writing, there are distinct differences between a dissertation...
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How to Write an Engaging Essay Introduction
The essay introduction serves as the gateway to your ideas, setting the tone for the entire piece and captivating your readers from the outset. A compelling introduction not only grabs attention but also provides a roadmap for the reader, offering a ...
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How to Write an Engaging Essay Conclusion
The conclusion of an essay is not just a mere summary; it is the final opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your readers. A well-crafted conclusion can elevate your essay, providing a sense of closure while reinforcing the significance of you...
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10 Steps to Writing a Dissertation
Writing a dissertation is a significant undertaking that marks the culmination of years of academic study. It is a unique opportunity to delve into a specific topic, contribute to the existing body of knowledge, and showcase your research and analyti...
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How to Write Thesis Statements for Law Essays
Writing a compelling law essay requires a well-crafted thesis statement that encapsulates the essence of your argument and sets the tone for the entire paper. The thesis statement serves as the roadmap for your readers, guiding them through the centr...
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How to Make Your Essays Informative
The art of crafting an informative essay is a skill that empowers individuals to share knowledge, present facts, and engage readers on a chosen topic. Whether you are a student aiming to excel in an assignment or an aspiring writer seeking effective ...
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How to Write Reflective Essays
Reflective essays offer a unique opportunity for individuals to explore their thoughts, experiences, and personal growth in a structured manner. Whether you are a student, professional, or someone engaging in personal development, understanding how t...
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15 Tips for Getting a First-Class Law Degree
Earning a first-class law degree is a commendable goal that requires dedication, strategic planning, and a commitment to academic excellence. As law school can be demanding, it is essential to adopt effective strategies that go beyond the routine of ...
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How to Make the Most out off Law School
Law school is a challenging and rewarding journey that shapes the minds of future legal professionals. To make the most out of this experience, students need to adopt effective strategies that go beyond mere classroom attendance. This article explore...
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Diagrams and Charts

Our carefully designed diagrams and charts will guide you through complex legal issues.

Clear and Succinct Definitions

Key concepts are concisely defined to help you understand legal topics quickly.

Statutory Provisions

Statutory provisions are provided side by side with legal concepts to help you swiftly locate the relevant legislation.

Case Summaries

We have summarised important cases for you so that you don't need to read long and boring cases.

Rules and Exceptions

Rules and exceptions are clearly listed so that you know when a rule applies and when it doesn't.


Legal terms and key concepts are explained at the beginning of each chapter to help you learn efficiently.

Case Law

Case law is provided side by side with legal concepts so that you know how legal principles and precedents were established.

Law Essay Guide

You will learn essential law exam skills and essay writing techniques that are not taught in class.

Problem Question Guide

We will show you how to answer problem questions step by step to achieve first-class results.

Structured Explanations

Complex legal concepts are broken down into concise and digestible bullet point explanations.

Legal Research

You will learn legal research techniques with our study guide and become a proficient legal researcher.


All essential concepts, principles, and case law are included so that you can answer exam questions quickly.